Friday, May 4, 2012

May The Fourth Be With You - Star Wars Triple Bill

So today is STAR WARS DAY! How do I know it's STAR WARS DAY? Well everyone is saying it's STAR WARS DAY because you can make a pun with May the Fourth and THAT'S all the reason I need for it to be STAR WARS DAY (which really should be everyday).

So for all you fresh faced young rebels and imperials of tomorrow, here are three cool cuts of Star Wars music mayhem. And no John Williams in sight!

RUM TUM DUM DUM DAHDAHDAAAAHHHHHH it's the Cantina Song! A capella! By Sixteen Feet, the Swathmore College based vocal group that do tons of amazing covers of your favorite songs. Want barbershop re-workings of Blink-182 (your FAVORITE!) or The Muppets? They have you covered.

This remix of the Imperial March by Fader Gladiator was used to brilliant effect in the British sitcom Spaced, though their rendition didn't feature Yoda busting moves like nobody's business.


Have an awesome Star Wars Day everyone. And of course: May The Fourth Be With You.

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